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Welcome to Type 2

Our desire here at Type2 is to provide you with a high level of service, which is tailored to every client’s specific need in order to make diabetes health simple.

Diabetes can lead to health issues such as stroke, heart attacks, blindness, foot conditions that may require amputation, and kidney failure. The best ways to prevent these issues are through education, proper diet and proper monitoring.

  • Type2 works to bridge the gap between you, your doctor and insurance company. We work with leading manufacturers in the diabetes supply industry to bring you testing accuracy and, savings with high quality products.
  • Type2 works to educate diabetes patients and their families at monthly diabetes classes that focus on testing, dieting, and exercise; classes are taught by local diabetes educators, healthcare practitioners, chefs and fitness instructors.

Again our number one goal is to make “Diabetes Health Simple”.


*Make sure to check our education and news tab for update.

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